Wildlife Sites in Rushcliffe

Wilwell Farm Cutting

How to get there:

Access is from Wilford Lane heading north from Ruddington with limited parking near the entrance shortly before the A52 bridge passes overhead.


This site is a Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust reserve, an LNR and SSSI. It comprises eight hectares of neutral grassland, acid fen and scrub woodland. More information at NWT

There is more extensive information about the reserve on the southnottswildlife website here.

NGR SK 568 350

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Wilwell Invertebrates

Tim Williams, one of the wardens of Wilwell has been undertaking some research on the invertebrates on the reserve and he has put together some brief reports of his methodology and findings. The first is on the leaf litter and the second is on hawthorn bark. I found them very interesting and I hope they might encourage others to try something similar.

Wilwell Farm Cutting
Wilwell Farm Cutting