Wildlife Sites in Rushcliffe

Willoughby Wood

How to get there:

Open access on foot from Willoughby on the Wolds village. There is no dedicated car-park.


A 2.5 Ha Woodland Trust 'Woods on Your Doorstep' site consisting of recently planted woodland with an attractive pond. Sadly it has been planted on ridge and furrow that might have been better preserved as an unimproved grassland, though it has to be said, that there is a great deal of ridge and furrow within the parish. Some of the trees are (non-native) Horse Chestnuts though the majority are native Ash, oak, Field Maple, and Silver Birch with an under-storey of native shrubs. Planting to the south of the pond has been deliberately restrained so as not to shade out the pond which is very attractive and has a diverse range of plants including Amphibious Bistort.

NGR SK 643254

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image of Interpretation Panel
The Interpretation Panel near the entrance