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Keyworth Meadow

Local Nature Reserves are declared by local authorities to protect special sites and enable by-laws to be put in place.

Keyworth Meadow was declared an LNR by Keyworth Parish Council, which has owned the site since 1985. The meadow has always been used by Keyworth village children as a natural playground and with Fairham Brook along the western boundary it was always popular with picnickers and walkers. As a nature reserve it was most notable for its surviving few Turtle Doves which seemed to be holding out where other populations were declining rapidlybut since 2012 they have disappeared from here too.

The area has been watched and recorded for many years and a substantial list of species is available at www.keyworth-meadow.co.uk.

This website also reports on a newly created wildflower meadow that will eventually become a burial ground.

How to get there:

Park in Keyworth or at the top of Lings Lane and walk south along Lings Lane for about 1km. Entrance to the reserve is via a gate about 100m before the lane turns sharp left.

NGR SK 613 290

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Keyworth Meadow
Keyworth Meadow