Wildlife Sites in Rushcliffe

Bingham Linear Park

How to get there:

Park in the vicinity of Mill Hill Road off Tithby Lane. From the south-west side of Tithby Lane walk north through the lightly wooded corner to the steps/ramp that descends to the old railway line. Turn right. Although pleasant, the real interest for naturalists, begins as the railway changes from cutting to embankment which happens several hundred metres south-east of the tunnel under the A52. The walk is linear, so turn back when you are ready but if you can make it to the River Smite, you will have done the site justice.

The southern section has a tremendous variety of flora which includes Wild Carrot, Mullein, Great Lettuce, Biting Stonecrop and Ploughman's Spikenard. In some years there are very high populations of Harvest Mice and in late summer a good range of Grasshoppers and Bush-crickets are present. Grey Bush-cricket has been recorded making this the only Nottinghamshire site for the species.

There is a good variety of butterflies too, notably Grizzled Skipper and Marbled White.

Grizzled Skipper at Bingham LP
Grizzled Skipper at Bingham LP © Jenny Craig

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Bingham Linear Park
Bingham Linear Park