The Hoverflies of Rushcliffe

Helophilus pendulus
Helophilus pendulus

Recorder: Derek Whiteley
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The list of hoverfly species below has been compiled from the combined species lists for postcode areas NG12 and NG13 on the Hoverfly Recording Scheme website.
The status has been allocated according to the frequency of distribution for the eight 10km squares that include Rushcliffe, on the maps on the same website.

In February 2016, the entry was revised with reference to Wetton B.W.; Hoverflies (Syrphidae) of Nottinghamshire; Sorby Record, No 39; 2003

Additional records are credited individually.

Species Status
Anasimyia contracta Scarce
Anasimyia lineata Scarce
Anasimyia transfuga Scarce
Baccha elongata Fairly Common
Brachyopa bicolor Rare; Widmerpool (Carr 1916)
Chalcosyrphus nemorum Rare
Cheilosia albitarsis Scarce
Cheilosia bergenstammi Scarce
Cheilosia fraterna Rare
Cheilosia illustrata Fairly Common
Cheilosia impressa Rare
Cheilosia lasiopa Scarce
Cheilosia latifrons Rare
Cheilosia longula Rare; Kingston on Soar (Carr 1916)
Cheilosia mutabilis Rare; Ruddington Cutting (Carr 1916)
Cheilosia nebulosa Rare
Cheilosia pagana Common
Cheilosia proxima Fairly Common
Cheilosia ranunculi Rare
Cheilosia variabilis Fairly Common
Cheilosia vernalis Scarce
Chrysogaster cemiteriorum Rare
Chrysogaster solstitialis Scarce
Chrysotoxum bicinctum Fairly Common
Chrysotoxum cautum Rare
Chrysotoxum festivum Scarce
Chrysotoxum verralli Rare
Criorhina berberina Fairly Common
Criorhina floccosa Scarce
Dasysyrphus albostriatus Fairly Common
Dasysyrphus pinastri Rare
Dasysyrphus tricinctus Scarce
Dasysyrphus venustus Scarce
Didea fasciata Rare
Epistrophe eligans Fairly Common
Epistrophe grossulariae Fairly Common
Epistrophe nitidicollis Rare
Episyrphus balteatus Common
Eriozona erratica Rare; Bradmore (Carr 1916)
Eristalinus sepulchralis Scarce
Eristalis arbustorum Common
Eristalis horticola Scarce
Eristalis interruptus Common
Eristalis intricarius Common
Eristalis pertinax Common
Eristalis tenax Common
Species Status
Eumerus funeralis Rare
Eumerus strigatus Scarce
Eupeodes corollae Common
Eupeodes latifasciatus Scarce
Eupeodes luniger Common
Ferdinandea cuprea Fairly Common
Helophilus hybridus Scarce
Helophilus pendulus Common
Helophilus trivittatus Scarce
Heringia heringi Rare
Heringia vitripennis Rare
Lejogaster metallina Scarce
Leucozona laternaria Scarce
Leucozona lucorum Common
Melangyna cincta Scarce
Melangyna compositarum / labiatarum Rare
Melangyna lasiophthalma Rare
Melangyna umbellatarum Scarce
Melanogaster hirtella Scarce
Melanostoma mellinum Common
Melanostoma scalare Common
Meligramma guttatum Rare
Meliscaeva auricollis Fairly Common
Meliscaeva cinctella Rare
Merodon equestris Scarce
Myathropa florea Common
Neoascia interrupta Rare
Neoascia meticulosa Scarce
Neoascia podagrica Common
Neoascia tenur Rare
Orthonevra brevicornis Rare; Wilford Brickworks 1995
Paragus haemorrhous Scarce
Parasyrphus punctulatus Scarce
Parhelophilus frutetorum Rare
Parhelophilus versicolor Scarce
Pipiza austriaca Scarce
Pipiza noctiluca Fairly Common
Pipizella viduata Scarce
Pipizella virens Scarce
Platycheirus albimanus Common
Platycheirus angustatus Fairly Common
Platycheirus clypeatus Fairly Common
Platycheirus fulviventris Scarce
Platycheirus granditarsus Fairly Common
Platycheirus manicatus Common
Platycheirus peltatus Fairly Common
Platycheirus rosarum Scarce
Platycheirus scambus Scarce
Platycheirus scutatus Fairly Common
Platycheirus splendidus Rare
Platycheirus stictitus Rare; Ruddington 1989
Platycheirus tarsalis Fairly Common
Portevinia maculata Rare
Rhingia campestris Common
Riponnensia splendens Scarce
Scaeva pyrastri Fairly Common
Scaeva selenitica Rare
Sphaerophoria interrupta Rare
Sphaerophoria rueppellii Rare
Sphaerophoria scripta Common
Syritta pipiens Common
Syrphus ribesii Common
Syrphus torvus Scarce
Syrphus vitripennis Common
Tropidia scita Scarce
Volucella bombylans Fairly Common
Volucella inanis Scarce
Volucella pellucens Fairly Common
Volucella zonaria One record; Compton Acres. August 2015 (L. Archibald
Xanthandrus comtusRare; Bunny (Carr 1916)
Xanthogramma citrofasciatum Rare
Xanthogramma pedissequum Scarce
Xylota segnis Common
Xylota sylvarum Fairly Common

In addition, there are four species that occur on the NBN Gateway that are not listed above. These are Megasyrphus annulipes recorded at two sites in Bradmore in 1930, Melangyna quadrimaculata from Cotgrave in 1930, Platycheirus melanopsis from Cotgrave in 1926 and Xanthandrus comtus recorded at Bunny in 1928.

A recent coloniser, Epistrophe diaphana was reported in Cotgrave Forest in 2012

Additional species recorded in Nottinghamshire but not in Rushcliffe are:

Species Status
Platycheirus ambiguus Scarce
Platycheirus discimanus Rare; No modern records.
Platycheirus nielseni Rare; Clumber 1994
Chrysotoxum arcuatum Scarce
Dasysyrphus friuliensis Rare
Dasysyrphus hilaris Scarce
Didea alneti Rare
Eupeodes bucculatus Scarce
Leucozonia glaucia Scarce
Melangyna arctica Rare
Melangyna quadrimaculata Rare
Meligramma trianguliferum Rare
Parasyrphus annulatus Rare
Parasyrphus lineola Rare
Parasyrphus vittiger Scarce
Sphaerophoria batava Scarce
Sphaerophoria philanthus Scarce
Paragus tibialis Rare
Cheilosia albipila Rare
Cheilosia antiqua Rare
Cheilosia griseiventris Rare
Cheilosia grossa Scarce
Cheilosia scutellata Scarce
Cheilosia urbana Rare
Cheilosia velutina Rare
Cheilosia vicina Rare
Cheilosia vulpina No recent records
Brachyopa insensilis Rare
Brachyopa scutellaris Rare
Chrysogaster virescens Rare
Species Status
Lejogaster tarsata Rare
Melanogaster aerosa No recent records
Neoascia geniculata Scarce
Neoascia obliqua Rare
Orthonevra nobilis Rare
Sphegina clunipes Scarce
Sphegina elegans Rare
Sphegana verecunda Rare
Anasymyia lunulata Rare
Eristalis abusivus Rare
Mallota cimbiciformis Rare
Eumerus ornatus No recent records
Heringia latitarsus Rare
Pipiza bimaculata Rare
Pipiza fenestrata Rare
Pipiza lugubris Rare
Pipiza luteitarsis Scarce
Trichopsomyia flavitarsis Rare
Triglyphus primus Rare
Sericomyia lappona No recent records
Serricomyia silentis Rare
Brachypalpoides lentus Rare
Brachypalpus laphriformis Rare
Criorhina asilica Rare
Criorhina ranunculi Rare
Pocota personata Rare
Xylota abiens Rare
Xylota florum Rare
Xylota jakutorum Rare
Xylota xanthocnema Rare